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Here Me Am!

My parents said when I was just a toddler, "Here Me Am!" was what I exclaimed when I entered a room.

So here me am now, and welcome to my vibrant world.

I love color. It just "moves me" if you will. The retinas in my eyes start jumping up and down and running around in circles when anything bright and vibrant flashes by me.

It brings me joy and I go after anything that is vivid or colorful.

In college I studied photography, art, art history, and a little journalism.

Let's just say, I love imagery and words.

I love to see things and feel things and I honestly can't get enough of art and pop culture. I could gush over it all day and around the world -

Travel you say? Why yes, I love to travel. I'm afraid my passport is begging to be used more.

In my experience, travel has brought vibrant sensory overload to this little Utah desert native - and I crave more! There are so many things to see and write about and that's what I'm dedicating this blog and site to.

Thanks for being here!



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